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Our Mission: To elevate the awareness of Extension’s national reputation as an organization of excellence, synergistically leverage the efforts of the member associations, foster leadership and collaboration, provide professional development and scholarship opportunities, and advocate for the Extension profession. in creating and ensuring the future of the Extension System.


Concurrent Sessions

I–1: Mentoring & Millennials: Is it Working? Judith Barth, Presenter – PowerPoint   
I–2: How to Manage Information Flow and Curate for Thought Leadership in Social Media, Paul Hill, No Presentation or Handouts
I–3: Creating a Culture of Health—an Opportunity for Extension Association Leadership, Michelle Rogers, Presenter – PowerPoint  
I–4: Contrasting Voluntary and Regulatory Approaches to Water Quality: A Comparison of Extension Programs, Mike Daniels, Presenter – PowerPoint  
I–5: Quiet Leadership: How to Create Positive Change Without the Noise and Negativity, Sharon Kinsey, Presenter – PowerPoint   
I-6: Assessing and Improving Cost Recovery and Revenue Generation Efforts in Extension Programs, Lisa Gonzalez, Presenter – PowerPoint   
I-7: Managing a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign, Pamela S. Schallhorn, Presenter – PowerPoint   

II–1: Dealing with Conflict, Jeannette Rea Keywood and Sharon KinseyJulie Karavan, Presenters 
II–2: Adapting to Emerging Issues Through Extension: The Zika Challenge, William Lester, Presenter – PowerPoint  
II–3: Community-based Green Infrastructure, A Rutgers Cooperative Extension Urban Extension Initiative, Christopher C. Obropta, Presenter – PowerPoint  
II–4: Facilitating Issues Based Extension Programs, Ramona Madhosingh-Hector, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout-1  Handout-2   Handout-3
II–5: University Extension Educators Responding to International Emerging Issues, E. Vanessa Campoverde, Presenter – PowerPoint  
II-6: Mindful Leaders and Wholehearted Leadership, Dhruti Patel-Davis, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout-1  Handout-2
II-7: Innovative Leadership Through Sustainable Strategic Planning Methods: An Ohio Model, Myra Moss, Presenter – PowerPoint  

III–1: Mindful Leadership: Developing Self-awareness With Yoga, Kelly Nix, Presenter – PowerPoint  
III–2: Grab Your Partner: Working Amongst, Within, and Outside the Organization, Vanessa Spero-Swingle, Presenter –   Handout
III–3: LOOK: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Margaret Jenkins, Presenter – PowerPoint  
III–4: Community Connections: Finding New Ways to Fund Extension, Kathy Bruynis, Presenter – PowerPoint   
III–5: The Delphi Method: A Tool For Extension Leaders to Use to Build Consensus Around Emerging Issues, Melissa Carter, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout
III-6: Blended Learning: Connecting Expertise and Building Networks in Rural Communities Throughout Idaho, Melissa Hamilton, Presenter – PowerPoint  
III-7: Feelings Are People, Too! Recognizing and Working With Our Emotional “Hot Buttons” When Leading Teams, Georgia Peterson, Presenter – PowerPoint   

IV–1: Sacred Cow or Shining Star? Tools & Decision-making Strategies for Developing Program Priorities, Keith G. Diem, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout-1  Handout-2
IV–2: Extension Based Subject-matter Centers: New Ways to Respond to Emerging Local Needs, Brad Gaolach, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout
IV–3: Disaster Programming to Meet the Needs of Rural Communities: A Program Leadership Example From West Central Illinois, Carolinn McKillip, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout-1  Handout-2
IV–4: Talking About Climate Change: How to Enhance Trust With Your Audience, Martha Monroe, Presenter – PowerPoint   
IV–5: Ripple Effects Mapping: A Participatory Evaluation and Strategic Planning Tool, Rebecca Sero, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout
IV-6: Becoming a presentation Ninja to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Extension, Jamie Davis, Presenter – PowerPoint   Handout-1  Handout-2
IV-7: Change is Good – Try it!, Christine Kniep, Presenter – PowerPoint   


Ignite Sessions

The Four Disciplines of Execution, Stacey Ellison, PresenterPowerPoint 
Are You Leading Above the Line?, Brian Raison, Presenter -PowerPoint
Understanding Deiffernces & Becoming Culturally Competent: The Key to Attracting Underrrepresented Audiences and Building amore Inclusinve Extension Program , Johanna Reed Adams, Mott R., Presenters - PowerPoint  Handout-1  Handout-2  
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Implications for Extension Leadership and Outreach, Joan Sprain, Jessica Sprain Presenters - PowerPoint


Poster Sessions(when the word Poster is Bold and Underlined a copy of the poster is available)

“GMOs & Citizen Science: Digital Methods & Partnerships to Expand Extensions Reach and Relevance”
Presenters: Dr. Karen Ballard; Robinson, Dr. J.  Poster

“Bridging the Divide: Fostering Partnerships between Program Areas within Extension”
Presenters: Meagan Brothers; Hoffherr, M. Poster

“Leveraging Your Leadership Network To Address Emerging Issues”
Presenters: Bradley Burbaugh; Benge, M. Poster

“Leading Together: Envision, Discover and Design your Community's Destiny”
Presenters: Alexis Cordova; McDonald, R. Poster

“Wrangling Success from Unexpected Opportunity: The Roads to Financial Health Partnership”
Presenter: Lisa A. Hamilton; James, P.; Willary, L.  Poster

“Wellness Starts with Us”
Presenters: Heather Janney; Murza, G.; Estevez, B.; Bennett, B.  Poster

“We’re Listening! - Stakeholders Share Crucial Issues and Challenges at Community Forums”
Presenters: Dena Kemmet; Flage, L.  Poster

“One Stop Shop: Resources for All Your Program Assessment and Evaluation and Reporting Needs”
Presenters: Missy McElprang Cummins; Davis, J.; Kuipers, T.  Poster

“Using Alternative Communication Methods and Multi-County Partnerships to Enhance Extension Outreach: A Virtual VITA Example”
Presenters: Carree Musgrove; Ruiz-Menjivar, J.; Spangler, T.; Copeland, H.  Poster

“Michigan State University Extension has Developed  a Program to Help Identify and Respond to the Emerging Issue of Farmer Stress”
Presenters: Suzanne Pish; Kantrovich, A.; Betz, R.  Poster

“eXtension’s New National Leadership Network Formation”
Presenter: Brian Raison  Poster

“Understanding People Builds Successful Leaders”
Presenter: Jeannette Rea Keywood  Poster

“National Urban Extension Initiative: An Introduction to the National Urban Extension Leaders”
Presenters: Marie A. Ruemenapp; Goalach, B.  Poster

“Using Social Media and Web-based Technology to Enhance the Reach of Extension Programming”
Presenter: Heather Schlesser  Poster

“Our Cornerstone: Developing a Collective Understanding of Research-based and Evidence-based Programming within the Human Sciences”   
Presenters: Debra M. Sellers; Schainker, L.  Poster

“The Youth Development Learn and Lead Cohort: A Training Model for New(ish) Staff”
Presenters: Trisha Sheehan; Shanahan, A.  Poster

“Adherence to Healthy Eating Guidelines within Extension – What is the Role of Extension Leaders in Promoting Compliance...If Any?”
Presenters: Carol A. Smathers; Ferrari, T.M.  Poster

“Successful Partnerships Require Trust & Effective Leadership”
Presenter: Brandy VanDeWalle  Poster

“Outbreak of Locally Acquired Zika Virus in Miami-Dade County – Palm Beach County’s Response”
Presenters: Matthew T. VanWeelden; Dowdle, F.  Poster

“Smarter, Not Harder, Ways to Increase Productivity at Work”
Presenters: Lori C. Wiggins, Tharpe, A.  Poster

“Walking a Thin Line: My House, the Schoolhouse and the Courthouse”
Presenter: Angela R. Williams  Poster

“Effective Volunteer Screening through Personal Interviews”
Presenter: Debbie M. Williams  Poster