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Our Mission: To elevate the awareness of Extension’s national reputation as an organization of excellence, synergistically leverage the efforts of the member associations, foster leadership and collaboration, provide professional development and scholarship opportunities, and advocate for the Extension profession. in creating and ensuring the future of the Extension System.


General Sesion Presentations

PresenterCarolyn Lukensmyer
Title: Incivility and Policical Dysfunction: What Can We Do About It?General Session 1
Download:  Presentation 

NIFA - National Program Leaders' Presentations

         Speaker: Erin Daly, Bobbie Moore and Adam Preuter  Download: Presentation

         Speaker: Adele Turzillo, Mike Fitzner, Jeff Steiner and Steve Smith  Download: Presentation

         Speaker: Caroline Crocoll, Beverly Samuel, Ahlishia Shipley, Jane Clary, Mallory Koenings and Sylvia Montgomery Download: Presentation

Concurrent Sessions 

Presenter: Bruce Chladny, KSU Extension
Additional Presenter: Trudy Rice, KSU Extension
Title: Getting Results with Groups: Extension Master Community Facilitator Initiative
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Karen Vines, VaTech Extension
Title: Bringing Civility to Contentious Issues Through Facilitated Community Dialogue
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Faith Peppers, UGA Extension
Additional Presenters: Sara G. Lupis, Francis I. Gould
Title: Measuring and Reporting Impact and Public Value Through Storytelling
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Jennison Kipp Searcy, UF/IFAS Extension
Additional Presenters: R.C. Madhosingh-Hector, H.A. Abeels, L.M. Seals, A.A. Betancourt
Title: CIVIC + Sustainable Floridians: Nurturing Community Dialogue and Capacity
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Lisa Ingram, WVU Extension
Additional Presenters: David Hartley, Stephanie Lusk, Jamie Mullins
Title: iRespect – Building Youth Interpersonal Capacity Against Bullying
Download: Presentation

Presenter: William A. Warren, U of I Extension
Title: Extension Engagement with Natural Resource Collaboratives: Fostering Civil Dialogue Among Opposing Interests for the Good of the Land and Communities
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Barbara Dunn Swanson, ISU Extension
Additional Presenters: Malisa Rader
Title: OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Erin Yelland, KSU Extension
Title: Facilitating Critical Conversations for Community Health
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Thomas B. Murphy, PSU Extension
Additional Presenters: Carol Loveland|
Title: Creating a Common Dialogue in a Challenging Energy Conversation
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Debbie Nistler, UF IFAS Extension
Additional Presenters: Stacey Ellison, Samar Deary
Title: Positive Civil Discourse: How to Debate and Keep Your Friends
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Pat Bebo, OSU Extension
Additional Presenters: Jennifer McCaffrey, University of Illinois
Title: Beyond the Aisle – Crafting Compelling Advocacy Messages for Use Throughout the Year
Download: Presentation

Presenter: Eric Kaufman Va Tech Extension
Title: Effective Leadership Through Humble Inquiry
Download: Presentation