Oral Presentations

I–1: Mentoring & Millennials: Is it Working?, Judith Barth

I–2: How to Manage Information Flow and Curate for Thought Leadership in Social Media, Paul Hill, Presenter

I–3: Creating a Culture of Health—an Opportunity for Extension Association Leadership, Michelle Rogers, Presenter

I–4: Contrasting Voluntary and Regulatory Approaches to Water Quality: A Comparison of Extension Programs, Mike Daniels, Presenter

I–5: Quiet Leadership: How to Create Positive Change Without the Noise and Negativity, Sharon Kinsey, Presenter

I-6: Assessing and Improving Cost Recovery and Revenue Generation Efforts in Extension Programs, Lisa Gonzalez, Presenter

I-7: Managing a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign, Pamela S. Schallhorn, Presenter

II–1: Combat is Optional: Cooperative Extension and the Culture of Conflict, Julie Karavan, Presenter

II–2: Adapting to Emerging Issues Through Extension: The Zika Challenge, William Lester, Presenter

II–3: Community-based Green Infrastructure, A Rutgers Cooperative Extension Urban Extension Initiative, Christopher C. Obropta, Presenter

II–4: Facilitating Issues Based Extension Programs, Ramona Madhosingh-Hector, Presenter

II–5: University Extension Educators Responding to International Emerging Issues, E. Vanessa Campoverde, Presenter

II-6: Mindful Leaders and Wholehearted Leadership, Dhruti Patel-Davis, Presenter

II-7: Innovative Leadership Through Sustainable Strategic Planning Methods: An Ohio Model, Myra Moss, Presenter

III–1: Mindful Leadership: Developing Self-awareness With Yoga, Kelly Nix, Presenter

III–2: Grab Your Partner: Working Amongst, Within, and Outside the Organization, Vanessa Spero-Swingle, Presenter

III–3: LOOK: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Margaret Jenkins, Presenter

III–4: Community Connections: Finding New Ways to Fund Extension, Kathy Bruynis, Presenter

III–5: The Delphi Method: A Tool For Extension Leaders to Use to Build Consensus Around Emerging Issues, Melissa Carter, Presenter

III-6: Blended Learning: Connecting Expertise and Building Networks in Rural Communities Throughout Idaho, Melissa Hamilton, Presenter

III-7: Feelings Are People, Too! Recognizing and Working With Our Emotional “Hot Buttons” When Leading Teams, Georgia Peterson, Presenter

IV–1: Sacred Cow or Shining Star? Tools & Decision-making Strategies for Developing Program Priorities, Keith G. Diem, Presenter

IV–2: Extension Based Subject-matter Centers: New Ways to Respond to Emerging Local Needs, Brad Gaolach, Presenter

IV–3: Disaster Programming to Meet the Needs of Rural Communities: A Program Leadership Example From West Central Illinois, Carolinn McKillip, Presenter

IV–4: Talking About Climate Change: How to Enhance Trust With Your Audience, Martha Monroe, Presenter

IV–5: Ripple Effects Mapping: A Participatory Evaluation and Strategic Planning Tool, Rebecca Sero, Presenter

IV-6: Becoming a presentation Ninja to Prepare for Tomorrow’s Extension, Jamie Davis, Presenter

IV-7: Change is Good – Try it!, Christine Kniep, Presenter

Poster Sessions

Leading Together: Envision, Discover and Design your Community's Destiny - Alexis Cordova Presenter

Walking a Thin Line: My House, the Schoolhouse and the Courthouse - Angela R. Williams Presenter

Leveraging Your Leadership Network To Address Emerging Issues - Bradley Burbaugh Presenter

Successful Partnerships Require Trust & Effective Leadership - Brandy VanDeWalle Presenter

eXtension’s New National Leadership Network Formation -= Brian Raison Presenter

Adherence to Healthy Eating Guidelines within Extension – What is the Role of Extension Leaders in Promoting Compliance...If Any? - Carol Smathers Presenter

Using Alternative Communication Methods and Multi-County Partnerships to Enhance Extension Outreach: A virtual VITA example - Carree Musgrove Presenter

Effective Volunteer Screening through Personal Interviews - Debbie M. Williams Presenter

Our Cornerstone: Developing a Collective Understanding of Research-based and Evidence-based Programming within the Human Sciences - Debra M. Sellers Presenter

We’re Listening! - Stakeholders Share Crucial Issues and Challenges at Community Forums - Dena Kemmet Presenter

Bridging the Divide: Fostering Partnerships between Program Areas within Extension - Hans Schmitz Presenter

Wellness Starts with Us - Heather Janney Presenter

Using Social Media and Web-based Technology to enhance the reach of Extension programming - Heather Schlesser

Understanding People Builds Successful Leaders - Jeanette Rea Keywood

GMOs & Citizen Science: Digital Methods & Partnerships to Expand Extensions Reach and Relevance - Karen Ballard Presenter

Wrangling Success from Unexpected Opportunity: The Roads to Financial Health Partnership - Lisa A. Hamilton Presenter

Smarter, Not Harder, Ways to Increase Productivity at Work - Lori C. Wiggins Presenter

National Urban Extension Initiative: An introduction to the National Urban Extension Leaders - Marie A. Ruemenapp Presenter

Outbreak of Locally Acquired Zika Virus in MIami-Dade County – Palm Beach County’s Response - Matthew T. Van Weelden Presenter

One Stop Shop: Resources for all your Program Assessment and Evaluation and Reporting Needs - Jamie Davis, Tara Kuipers and Missy McElprang Cummins Presenters

Michigan State University Extension has Developed a Program to Help Identify and Respond to the Emerging Issue of Farmer Stress - Suzanne Pish Presenter

The Youth Development Learn and Lead Cohort: A Training Model for New(ish) Staff - Trisha Sheehan Presenter