Presentations from the 2019 Extension Leadership Conference Breakout Sessions

CS-I-1 Maximizing Leadership Potential of Volunteers with Master Gardener Leadership School - Wendy Wilber

CS-I-2 Driving Leadership Beyond the Farm and Table - Hannah Wooten

CS-I-3 Extension UNCENSORED: a candid conversation about workplace culture. What’s working, what’s not and how to get everyone ‘rowing in the same boat’ - Lindsay Davis

CS-I-4 Why Does My Money Matter? Financial Literacy Programming in a Tribal Community - Ashley Dixon

CS-I-5 Utah's Rural Online Initiative: Connecting Rural Communities with Remote Work - Paul Hill

CS-I-6 Leading by Design: Innovative Program Development through Design Thinking - Jared Morrison

CS-II-1 From Stewardship to Leadership: Building Leaders from the Ground Level Skyward - Cynthia Torppa

CS-II-2 Getting to Know Your Community - Helping New Agents Assess Community Needs - Laurie Chandler

CS-II-3 Building a BRIDGE to Solve Issues - Cynthia Bond

CS-II-4 A Blueprint for Establishing a Robust Leadership Development and Succession Planning Initiative - C. L. Wayne Moore

CS-II-5 Collaboration Building - Weaving Together Traditional Programs with Coaching to Form Collaborations - Heather Strohm

CS-II-6 Agent Self-evaluation Improves Appraisal Process and Encourages Personal Accountability - R. Curt Lacy

CS-III-1 Learning to Facilitate More and Direct Less - Heather Gottke

CS-III-2 - Making Connections Thrive and Last; Specifically in Rural and Hard-to-Reach Areas - Debbie Curley

CS-III-3 - Explaining the Why: How Helping Colleagues Understand Motivations Can Increase Buy-In - David Messersmith

CS-III-4 Teens: A Valuable Resource – Hannah Robbins

CS-III-5 Conducting a Tri-County Needs Assessment to Drive Program Development - Ashley Travis

CS-III-6 Working WITH Support Staff - Bridging the Divide - Kelli Watcherson

CS-IV-1 Adult Leadership Development: Understanding the Implicit Assumptions in Leadership - L.J. McElravy

CS-IV-2 Engaged Cornell’s Strategy to Identify Collaborations and Support Impactful Partnerships with New York's Cooperative Extension System - Dhyana Gonzalez

CS-IV-3 Collaborating for a Multi-disciplinary Youth Experience in Florida Agriculture - Maxine Hunter

CS-IV-4 Together Empowering At-Risk Minorities (TEAM): A Texas A&M University-San Antonio and Extension 4-H Partnership to Cultivate Future Leaders - Melinda Garcia

CS-IV-5 Building Leadership Capacity in Michigan Communities - Eric Walcott

CS-IV-6 Addressing Emerging Issues with Deliberative Dialogue – The Case of the Opioid Epidemic – Juliet Daniels

CS-V-1 From Surviving to Thriving: Promising Practices for Social and Emotional Learning - Kimberly Jones

CS-V-2 - LEAD95: Developeing Highly Effective Extension Leadera in All 95 Tennessee Counties - Janet Cluck

CS-V-3 - Understanding and Utilizing Teams to Optimize Extension Impact - Kate Whiting

CS-V-4 Impacting Personal Leadership Development Through an Internal Community Council - Cindy Thompson

CS-V-5 Things Your Mom Never Taught You About Leadership: A Special Session for Wildlife Experts - Marina Denny

CS-V-6 Exploring the Application and Benefits of Youth-Adult Partnerships Across All Extension Disciplines - Jackelyn Martin