Concurrent Session I

Session I–1: Fostering Community Unity: Taking Our Place in Civil Dialogue

Presenter: Rachel Welborn, Southern Rural Development Center

Session I–2: Digital Literacy Development: Rethinking the Role of Extension Professionals

Presenter: Danae Wolfe, Educational Technology Specialist, Ohio State University

Session I–3: Funding, Entrepreneurism and Leveraging Statewide Expertise to Enhance Extension: The Maui County Model

Presenter: Cindy Reeves, Maui County Administrator, UH CTAHR

Session I–4: Programming for Clientele with Developmental Disabilities

Presenter: Jeannette Rea Keywood, State 4-H Agent, Rutgers University

Session I–5: Extension Innovation—Adapting the Extension Program Planning Model through Engagement to Meet Emerging Complex Local Needs

Presenter: Karen Vines, Virginia Tech Extension

Session I–6: Sustainable Floridians—Creating Community Capacity

Presenter: Linda Seals, County Extension Director, UF/IFAS Extension

Session I–7: 4-H SPARK Academy: Teaching New 4-H Volunteers to Facilitate and Deliver Short Term Projects and Programs Using a Certification Program

Presenter: Alyssa Bowers, UF/IFAS, Pinellas County 4-H Youth Development Agent

Concurrent Session II

Session II–1: We Don’t Have Time for Innovation

Presenter: Jamie Seger, Director, Ed Tech, OSU Extension

Session II–3: Community Voices, Informed Choices (CIVIC): A Budding, Collaborative and Cross-Disciplinary Community Engagement Program

Presenter: M. Jennison Kipp Searcy, Resource Economist & Sustainable Floridians Statewide Coordinator

Session II–4: Got CAFÉ? The Formation of the Coalition of American - Hispanic Florida Extension Educators to Target Florida’s Hispanic Audience

Presenter: Jonael Bosques, UF/IFAS Extension Ag Agent

Session II–5: Building a Computer Science Pathway for 4-H Youth

Presenter: Dave Francis, Extension Associate Professor, Utah State University

Session II–6: Multidisciplinary Research Symposium Increases Extension’s Effectiveness for Communicating Impact

Presenter: Melinda Miller, 4-H Program Development Coordinator, University of Georgia Extension

Session II–7: Utilizing Mindfulness to be an Effective and Balanced Extension Agent

Presenter: Lori Wiggins, FCS Agent III, UF/IFAS

Concurrent Session III

Session III–1: Leaders Listen: Improving Your Listening Skills to Enhance Your Leadership Abilities

Presenter: Wendy Wilber, State Specialized Agent UF/IFAS

Session III–2: Increasing Diversity and Inclusion Within the Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Membership

Presenter: Jacqueline Kowalski, Ohio State University Extension

Session III–3: Innovation in Extension: What’s Holding You/Us Back?

Presenter: Karen Ballard, Professor, Program Evaluation, University of Arkansas

Session III–4: Positive Civil Discourse —How to Debate and Keep Your Friends

Presenter: Deborah Nistler, County Extension Director, UF/IFAS Extension

Session III–5: Using Alternative Communication Methods and Multi-County Partnerships to Enhance Extension Outreach: A Virtual VITA Example

Presenter: Heather Janney, 4-H/FCS Agent II, UF/IFAS Extension

Session III–6: Understanding the LGBTQ Community and Creating Welcoming Extension Programming

Presenter: Dr. Jeff Howard, Assistant Director, University of Maryland Extension

Session III–7: “With an End in Mind....A Strategic Plan for Getting the Most Productivity for Your Time”

Presenter: Kalan Taylor, UF/IFAS Extension, Sumter County 4-H

Concurrent Session IV

Session IV–1: AZ Cooperative Extension Fusion Project: Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration Using Variations of Speed Dating and Telephone Concepts

Presenter: Betsy Greene, Professor/State Equine Extension Specialist

Session IV–2: Facilitating for Success in Difficult Situations

Presenter: Mark J. Platten, County Director, Colorado State University

Session IV–3: Promoting Intergenerational Programming in Extension: The BCLT Program

Presenter: Melanie Forstrom, President, NYSACCE4-HE

Session IV–4: Sustainability Outreach in Extension: Balancing Traditional Programs with Demand Given Emerging Issues

Presenter: Roslynn Brain McCann, Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist, Utah State University

Session IV-5: Assessing Community Needs by Engaging the Community in Dialogue

Presenter: Suzanna Windon, Market Analyst, Ohio State University Extension

Session IV–6: Visioning the Future of the Polk County Master Gardener Program

Presenter: Anne Yasalonis, Residential Horticulture Agent, UF/IFAS Extension

Session IV–7: Innovative Approach on Infusing Mindfulness Practice to an Already Existing Health Outreach Program

Presenter: Dhruti Patel, Family & Consumer Sciences Educator, University of Maryland