2019 - PILD

2019 PILD Presentations

General Session Presentation

Presenter: Paul Hill

Title: "Innovation Through Lean Experimentation", Paul Hill, Utah State University Extension

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Concurrent Sessions

Session I

I-1 - Removing the Evil From Wicked Problems – How Naming and Framing Creates Space for Dialogue; Juliet Daniels, University of Wyoming Extension Handout

I-2 - Hurricane Harvey: Power of the Extension Network on Display; Monty C. Dozier, Texas A & M AgriLife Extension

I-3 - Utilizing Technology to Provide Leadership for Emerging Issues Naomi Brower, Utah State University Extension

I-4 - Creating a Culture of Health one Community Coalition at a time!; Meagan Brown, University of Tennessee Extension (with video large pptx file)

I-4 - Creating a Culture of Health one Community Coalition at a time!; Meagan Brown, University of Tennessee Extension (without video much smaller file)

I-5 - The WV Food Safety Training Team - A Model for Inter-Agency and Cross-Disciplinary Food Safety Partnerships and Leadership; Doolarie Singh-Knights, University of West Virginia Extension

I-6 - Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN); Cooperative Extension’s Disaster Preparation and Recovery Resource; Abbie Hostetler, Purdue University Extension & National Project Coordinator EDEN

Session II

II-1 - Extension Engagement 101; Karen Vines, Virginia Tech Extension

II-2 - Beyond Agreeing to Disagree: Partnering with Leadership Development Organizations to Promote Rural Community Civility Through Customized, Local Workshop Series; Craig Rotter, Texas A & M AgriLife Extension

II-3 - Key trends Affecting Extension and Why We Need Rapid Innovation to Stay Relevant; Jerold Thomas, The Ohio State University Extension

II-4 - All Things Missouri: An Interactive Website to Support Extension Professionals and Policy Makers with Data, maps, and tools to better understand emerging issues and community needs; Christopher Fulcher, University of Missouri Extension

II-5 - A Model for Enhancing Leadership and Advocacy in Extension; Teresa Hunsaker, Utah State University Extension Handout

II-6 - Ensuring equitable access and opportunities in Extension: An approach by the Community and Economic Development Unit of Washington State University; Season Hoard, Washington State University Extension

National Program Leader Sessions

1 - Natural Resources; Eric Norland, NIFA

2 - Agriculture; Herb Bolton, Wesley Dean and Steve Smith, NIFA

3 - 4-H Youth Development; Caroline Crocoll, Jim Kahler, NIFA

4 - Family and Consumer Sciences; Caroline Crocoll, Beverly Samuel, NIFA

5 - Accountability, HR, CIvil RIghts and Plan of Work; Felix Gbee, Joanna Moore, NIFA

6 - International Global Engagement: Lisa Lauxman, Otto Gonzalez, Patty Fulton, NIFA


1 - Growing Agricultural Awareness and STEAM Careers, Geralyn Sachs, University of Florida Extension

2 - Policy, Systems and Environmental Work is About Embracing Community Driven Partnerships, Karen Marie Jones Louisiana State University Extension

3 - CIVIC:Community Voices, Informed Choices, Holly Abeels, University of Florida Extension

4 - Digital Literacy -A personal Readiness Outcome of Extension Volunteer Training Programs, Nicole Pinson, University of Florida Extension